In Thailand there are many ways to travel. You can travel by train, bus, boat, scooter or plane. Of course traveling by plane is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel. Sometimes if you put a little bit of effort in the search, you can find a really cheap domestic flight. I caught a flight from Krabi to Chiang Mai for only $ 30, -. Sometimes however the flights are way more expensive. especially in the high season. If you are short on your money or on a budget you can take other public transportation.

If you are traveling with a bus you can easily haggle. Besides that it is also useful to compare the price and travel time by several tourist agencies.Personally I find traveling in a minivan much more comfortable than a big VIP bus. In a minivan there is more space for your legs, you often get leather chairs and your sitting in the van with maximun ten people, which gives a lot more fresh air to breathe in. Besides that the minivan is driving faster.

Traveling by train is great.Especially if you take a sleepingtrain. You dont have to pay for a guesthouse and you dont lose time that you can spend on fun trips. When you enter the train you will sitting the first hours. After the first hours the seats are transformed into beds with plenty of legroom.Have a good sleap and wake up the next morning on your next destination.

If you go traveling by boat notice that you often get wett in fast speedboats and that the trip can take many hours with a slowboat.

Traveling with a scooter is so much fun. You get to see great vieuws, you can stop where en whenever you want. But notice that it also can be dangerous. Some parts off Thailand dont have a hard road to ride on and many accidents happen. Be safe and take an insurence on the scooter just in case.

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